Why Not Do My Own Printing?

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Why Not Do My Own Printing?

Printing their own materials is a popular idea among many business today. It is important to save time and money in today’s economy so companies are looking to do more in-house work rather than outsourcing. Having things printed by Pandora Bracelets Canada another company is known as outsourcing. However, when making the decision whether to print your own color copies or to outsource your printing needs several things need to be taken into consideration.

First and foremost when doing color copy printing you need to ask yourself the following questions:
Do I have a color printer? What quality will my printed materials be? Can I afford Cheap Jewelry Canada the color ink? How much will the paper cost me? Do I have the time? Can I design the materials myself? Will it be worth the wear and tear I will put on my printer? Some of you may not know the answer to these questions, some of you may not have considered these questions at all.

Color Ink cartridges usually last for about 150 pages. The average cost of a color ink cartridge is about $13, many printers require more than one color cartridge, usually four cartridges totaling $54. Add the cost of your black cartridge and the paper. The cost comes to approximately $0.52 per page. Then add the time you put into the printing, and the wear and tear on your printer. Now compare that to the average cost of color copy printing through outsourcing at $0.46 per page.

Let’s consider the quality of color copy Appointment Cards printing. Some printers put out amazing quality printed pages, while others are barely legible. When you outsource to Kinko’s, Staples, UPS, Office Max, Office Depot or an online company you will be guaranteed a high quality end product.

We want to portray a professional image when having our color copies printed. We may not realize all the options available to us, by going through a professional printing company we will be given many options at affordable prices that will in the end save us time and money while meeting our color copy printing needs.

There are instances, such as low volume printing where it may be financially wiser to do your own color copy printing, but in cases of mass volume, special needs, and many other instances we will be better off leaving our color copy printing needs to the professionals. We simply must weigh our options and be realistic about our needs when making the decision whether to make your own color copies or to outsource to a printing company.

Thriving businesses know there limitations, know how to make budget wise decisions, and are not afraid to put in some time researching all the options available to them in order to make the best decision for their company. Always make sure to include manpower and wear and tear on your company equipment because printers are not meant to last forever and most office printers are not meant for high volume, high quality jobs. Remember that in some instances, doing your own color copy printing does make sense financially and time wise, but that is not always the case.