Standard Business Card Size and Setup

The business card size and design in today’s age are diverse and each of them is unique. They are one of the surest ways of attracting more attention. One of the best ways of doing it is by choosing a size that is nonstandard. Unusual sizes and shapes of business cards attract a lot of attention and it is almost always worth the few additional dollars that you spend on creating these unusual looking business cards. The standard size of the business card is 3.5 X 2 inches. There are various sizes and shapes to choose from. The micro-business card is just 1 X 3 inches.


NCR Receipt Books Form
NCR Receipt Books Form

The square business card can add some height to the standard sized business card. A major part of landing any job or attracting the clients’ interest lies on the way you spend the allocated budget. If it is well-spent you will get better results in business card printing. Although you might not be aware of it, you will usually have a window period of 10 to 15 seconds during which the card will either attract the attention of the person looking at it, or they will dismiss it as a no requirement for their business.


Although the size of the business card is something that will not make or break a deal, it is something that will help in extending the window period of 10 – 15 seconds to the maximum. This will offer you the attention which is required to gain a callback or the chance to prove that your business is required by the client. Whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner looking forward to create attractive business card for promotion, the first step always lies in understanding when and how to begin. This will take you a long way towards succeeding.


You can easily produce professional looking business cards using various kinds of software tools available on your computer. Start from the scratch in any type of layout program including PowerPoint, Publisher or Microsoft Word as well as the traditional programs such as Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You can also get started quickly with the use of customizable templates that are available in programs like Publisher. You may also download the various business card templates.


Card Size and Setup


The standard dimensions meant for printed business cards are 3.5 X 2 inches which is the size of the finished card. Various print designs include the bleed. The bleed space is the additional 1/8 inches space which is meant for design elements or backgrounds extending beyond the completed size of your piece. A design with bleed is printed in a somewhat oversized way and then trimmed down to the size. This gives the impression of printing bleeds off the card’s edge, instead of having the white borders.


Here are a few tips to consider while creating the business card file:


  • Make the page size of the document the same as the card size with the bleed area. The 3.75 inches width X 2.25 inches height should be trimmed to the finished size once the printing has been done. If you do not want to include the bleeds, keeping the bleed area is not required. The document should be set to the finished size of 3.5 X 2 inches.


  • If you want to design a vertical card with the long size upwards, switch the width and height of the page so that you are not required to rotate the card to check the design the way you want.


  • Make sure that the borders are okay. It is a good idea to keep your logo and valuable text information within the design safe space. The zone is around 1/8 inches around the card margin. The text should be within 3.25 X 1.25 inches of the card. Of course, you do not want the last few digits of your telephone number ripped off!


  • It can be challenging to design with borders. If you want to avoid the off center look, keep the thin lines and the ones around the border away from the edge of the card in the safe zone.


Custom Business Cards and Two-Sided Business Cards: Using these cards is a good option when more space is required to work with or if there is a special offer to be provided. Create another page in your file for the back. Various options are available in commercial printing including custom printing solutions and rounded edges.


Folded Business Cards: The custom folded business card is also known as a tent card. It provides twice the area of a standard business card and can be used as efficient mini brochures or greeting cards. Create 2 pages in your file – the first for the outside (front and back) and the other for the inside of the card. You can choose from horizontal and vertical cards as well as ones with long, offset and short layout specs.


Uses of Business Card Sizes


  • Use them as a Discount or Coupon Card: You can print a business card with a special discount on it or a coupon for a free special report or product upgrade.


  • Create a Business Card that Allows People to Fill in the Blanks: It is common to come across people who do not have business cards or those who do not have them on hand. If you make and carry a simple card containing blank spaces for Name, Email, Address and Phone, you can fill it up easily so that there is no loss of valuable contact data.


  • Use the Cards as Entry Blanks for Drawings or Contests: The card can be formatted in a way so that you can use them at trade shows and other marketing events where people fill in their contact information so that they can compete for a lucky draw.


  • Use Cards to Promote Carefully Chosen Businesses: When they are strategically used, the cards can have maximum impact. Instead of making the text focus on your business, you may list a couple of them which you recommend. Often, these businesses will refer people to you in return.