10 Basics of Successful Business Cards–Do You Have Them?


Do you consider your business card as an advertising tool or just the basics of the business? If you use it as the “basic necessity”, then definitely you are missing an inexpensive and valuable advertising tool. Several business owners miss the boat when it comes to the business card. Most of them tend to miss an important element that can be helping them to attract more clients.

Most of the business cards include the primary contact information Pandora Charms Canada but that’s where they tend to stop. Your business card is the marketing opportunity. Every time you hand the card, there is a chance to communicate something about your business and its products. It’s the best chance to establish your brand identity. Business cards can easily attract the clients to your business.

Following is the list of 10 things that every business card must include, also some basic tips for creating a business card which works profitable for your business. Check these in order to evaluate your business card.

1. Name

You have to mention your name, but you have to make it easy to find and read. madmooseDon’t bury it with the other information.

2. Title

There are many people who tend to leave this. Sometimes you will receive business cards without the job titles of important persons in business. Along with the time, your customers will forget about the actual owner of the company. So, if they pass the card to anyone, they will also be confused whom to contact in future. So, it’s very important that title must be printed. You don’t have to carry any extra cost in order to print your title.

3. Name of Your Business

Most of the people mention this correctly. If you don’t have a business name, then you have to mention your name along with your designati9on. If you are operating with the sole proprietor, a business name will tell the prospects of the business.

4. Mailing Address

Make it easy for the people top contact you. Sometimes, very few business cards have complete mailing addresses. If you don’t want to publish your residential address, then you can get a Postal Mail Box.


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Email Address

Most of the people include this, but many still use personal email address instead of the business name. You must be professional and use the email address which features your site domain name. This will make your business card professional and thus, it will strengthen your brand name.

6. Phone Number and Fax Number

Don’t forget to include your mobile number. Whatever numbers you mention in your card, must be clearly marked. Make sure that the font size readable. You have to make your cards easy for the prospects and the clients.

7. Logo Mark

This item must also be included in your cards. A logo mark is a good opportunity to begin in order to establish your brand. It will set the tone and the personality of your business. You must not exclude it from your card. If you think that you can’t afford a logo, the think twice. If you want people to take you seriously, then you definitely need one.

8. Tagline

This is another one which remains missing in most of the business cards. A tagline is a short statement which sums up the solution that they provide or the message or the selling proposition for your business. With the business name and the logo in your card, your business will communicate successfully with the people. It’s a missed opportunity when you leave this information from your business card.

9. Web Site Address

The main reason for leaving this in some of the business cards is not having a web site. But every business must have a web site. It gives the clients and the prospects the opportunity to learn about the business and the products that you provide, if they are not ready to contact you directly.

10. Call-to-Action

Most of the people do not include this, but this one can provide gr4eat opportunity. If you look at the business card as the promotional tool, then you must include a call-to-action, like “visit our site at (the address) in order to get Free Report”.

You can use this in order to drive traffic to your site and can generate the new leads or the prospects. It costs next to nothing and can make huge impact, especially if you hand out business cards. This can be easily printed at the backside of the business card and the two-sided cards don’t cost much more than the one-sided cards to print. It will cost you just a bit more in order to print two-sided business cards and this will work well for your business.

Take a look at the business cards before handing it to your clients. Do they feature the above items? If not, then definitely you are missing a great and economical marketing opportunity.

Electronic Business Cards

Marketing is not only the job of marketing department, but it’s necessary for all the employees to work for it. Communication is the indispensable part of marketing as it occurs whenever the two individuals meet in the business or the personal context and exchange some information. This is the reason, the first thing that most of the professionals d0o is to take the business card and hand it to the new acquaintance.

Though there are several things that the suppliers, wholesalers, distributes and the manufacturers can do to advertise the business but most of them prefer to use convenient way, like the business cards. But, presently, the business environment is changing rapidly and most o9f the businesses are moving in the paperless world, but the wholesale business have not changed the approach where most of the wholesalers are exchanging information through paper business cards. The paper business cards are easy to hand out but these cards can tempt anyone to tear the cards. This is the reason the wholesale business is taken to the next level in order to replace these cards with the electronic cards.





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