Take Your Pick from Impressive Printed Mugs


There are many reasons why you should get mugs. Mugs can make excellent gifts for nearly every occasion. Moreover, you can get those mugs customized so that they can promote your business. After all, there are many companies that use cheap mugs marketing strategies. Alternatively, you can get the mugs customized so that they contain special personal messages for the recipients.

Choose the Best Mug for the Occasion

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You can always use a basic and generic mug to print your message on it. However, the impact made by them will never be as good as a specially crafted mug. Another fact to keep in mind is that there are different kinds of mugs available nowadays. You can get soup mugs and coffee mugs amongst others. By choosing the best possible mug, you are creating a favorable impression in the minds of the recipients.

  • Cookie Mugs – These mugs are perfect for those that love to have cookies with their coffee and milk. A small shelf is located in the bottom of these mugs. There are two spaces and you can store two cookies. This means you no longer have to get another dish to keep the cookies. It saves washing time and effort as well.
  • Dunking Mugs – These mugs have been specifically created for those who love to dunk their cookies before consuming them.  The shape of the mug allows the user to dunk the cookie without breaking it into two separate pieces.
  • Face Mugs – Face mugs simply have a funny or quirky face carved into the mugs. These mugs are simply another version of cookie mugs. The angry face has an open month which can be used to hold a cookie. The presence of the face adds humor and can make them appealing for many people.

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  • Linked Mugs – The beauty of these mugs is that you can link them. Carrying more than two mugs at the same time is a risky proposition at best. You can get burnt due to the hot liquid if spills occur. However, linked mugs allow you to carry three or more mugs by linking each one of them to another. While carrying, you will only need to grasp the mugs at either end and carry the entire set without any difficulty.
  • Heart mugs – These mugs make the perfect gift for romantic occasions and for spouses and fiancés. As the name suggests, the mugs have a heart shape.
  • Making Your Coffee Mug – These coffee mugs are meant for those who have problems trying to get the combination of coffee, cream and milk correct. The mugs have color codes printed on the inner sides of the mug to help the users get the combination just right for their taste.
  • Coffee Selector Mugs – Suppose you are tasked with getting the coffee for your colleagues. You may not be able to remember which person order which type of coffee unless you note it down. This can be a bit of a problem for many people. These selector mugs come with rings around their sides which can be turned around to reveal various combinations of coffee, sugar and milk. These printed mugs may even have options for other drinks making them truly versatile mugs.
  • Specialty Mugs – Specialty mugs can come in different quirky shapes to make them more interesting to the user. Some of these mugs can be shaped like the lens of a camera while others can be shaped like some fictional character. It is also possible to get mugs with a nature theme such as plants and animals. The range can be quite astonishing and you can easily get a specialty mug which has a theme that can resonate with the users.
  • Coffee Mugs With Attachable Spoons – Spoons are often an essential utensil when it comes to having a good drink of coffee. Unfortunately, one never seems to find them when required. These mugs eliminate the problem by attaching spoons to the mugs. These spoons can be used and then reattached to the mug for safekeeping.
  • Mugs with Compartments – These are another kind of specialty mugs and are generally acrylic materials are used in their construction. These mugs have a compartment underneath where you can store edibles. More often than not you can find these mugs in interesting shapes and themes.
  • Mugs with Lids – Lids can be used to keep the drink in your mugs warm. This does not mean that they cannot be stylish. There are some very interesting mugs that come with lids, both of which belong to a single theme such as a cactus.
  • Auto Stirring Mugs – Coffee and other drinks often need to be stirred so as to get all the ingredients mixed properly. You will need a spoon for the task and keep stirring till you are satisfied. Auto stirring mugs eliminate this hassle by performing the task for you. You simply press a button and the drink gets stirred completely.
  • Blank Mugs – If you wish to write down a personal message or use your own design for the mugs, then you should get hold of a blank mug. These mugs are completely white. It is a blank canvas on which you can let your imagination run riot. These mugs look basic and boring but you can transform them into a completely personal and a highly stylish item.


Additional Gifts

When you are already giving cups and mugs to other, there is no reason to give just a cup. You can give some nice additional gifts along with the cups to increase the utilitarian value of the gifted mugs. You can give candy, chocolates, biscotti and cookies with the mugs. Of course, you can provide exotic coffee sachets or sugar packets for the users to enjoy the mug with. You can also give coffee creamers of various kinds. Even the coffee you provide cans be special exotic ones sourced from specialty stores. Mugs can also be used for drinking soups so you can gift instant soup packets as well.

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The basic idea behind gifting coffee mugs is that you are giving something that is not useless. People love gifts that they can use and mugs are very practical as well.

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Every Door Direct Mail Postcards: Economical Marketing with EDDM flyers



In recent years, entrepreneurs of big and small businesses alike have spent billions to pay for online advertisements and marketing emails. This has made traditional methods of marketing fall rather behind in popularity level. But somehow, marketing through email has not been as smooth as it was thought to be initially. Though it is the most cost effective and fast marketing tool, nowadays it is often against the law to email those who have not agreed to receive them beforehand. Spamming is an offence. And when one correctly follows this federal law, there is a bulk of potential customers that s/he must refrain from sending any marketing campaigns.


Thus there is once again a revival of the conventional methods like sending of Every Door Direct Mail for promotional activities. In fact, entrepreneurs sometimes report of getting better responses than what they got after sending bulk emails. With maximum businesses fighting for gaining footage online, avenues like Direct Mail still have scope for potential customers to take notice of these tangible advertisements that come to greet them at their homes. Marketing professionals are once again investing their money and vision in print media and the good old postal system.


Reasons Why You Choose To Send Direct Mail


  • Target oriented – With an updated mailing list that focuses on making you reach out to the mass of people who need your products and services, you can narrow down your advertising to the intended potential customer.



  • Cheap and measurable – With state of the art technology making printing quality better and overhead cost go low and a variety of service providers offering door to door mail services at competitive prices, this is now a budget friendly option, even for the small and localized businesses. Keep a count of responses that your mail generates. Check for yourself how cost effective this method has been in generating interest in your products and services.



  • A Personal Touch – There is a higher rate of response to your advertising, when the letter begins with addressing the person by his/her name than with just a “Dear Sir” or “Dear Ma’am.” With the help of variable data technology, you can insert names from the database, making the receiver feel important rather than sending a piece of mail, with a “To Whom It May Concern” tone.




  • Distinct – Nowadays people receive their bills and most other advertising through email. Days of solely depending on the “snail mail” are behind us. So, your direct mail may have less competition for attention as it gets immediately noticed among the relatively lesser mails that one receives nowadays.



  • Physical – Direct mail also holds the advantage of being a hardcopy that a potential customer can hold in hand, look at closely and refer to later. Make this work out on your advantage. Create a beautiful mailer that people want to put up somewhere on display instead of throwing away. This way they can refer back to it time and again.



  • Builds Your Brand Name – Each time you send out a mail advertisement, more people hear about you and get to know about your services. A direct and precise message with well-chosen words and custom designed mails, chosen from a wide variety of colors and modern graphics, can build just the perfect first impression that you want to portray to the world.


Other Perks of Direct Mail


Direct mailing works particularly well on vertical markets, where renting a trustworthy mailing list makes it easier to try reaching out and offering goods designed for specific industry or trade, to the desirable target group. Another fact that makes prospective sellers lean towards the postal mail is because they can get entire subscriber lists for business journal or members of some club. But the same people often don’t opt to be on e-mail lists.  Businesses that want to reach out to everyone needs to integrate mailing printed materials along with their other mailing campaigns.


Saying it with pictures is always an effective way to grab people’s fleeting attention. In emails, images with complex information cannot be uploaded sometimes. Complicated graphics need more time to download and sometimes people may just move on without bothering to check out the graphic message. Also, an emotional image may hold more power when people hold it in their hands than look at onscreen.


A touching headline in a publication cover may not be presented in the subject of an e mail, which must use limited words. When someone holds a hardcopy of your advertisement in their hands, there is more scope to persuade her/him to look into the information through use of beautiful graphics and interesting, complex presentation.


Facts from the Industry


The industry trend also shows how a rapid increase in spam filtering creates a lot of underlying trouble when as much as 25% mails from unknown senders get blocked. The business dispensing the mails does not find out which email addresses missed receiving their mail. No server sends reports that the message was blocked by a spam filter and thus undelivered. The sender doesn’t get any message notifying them which emails went into spam, as transmission details show them to be delivered.


The delivery rates for both postal and e mail are high. With both, you pay only for the quantity delivered, but with emails, you don’t know which ones get blocked by the spam filters and the recipient never actually rests their eyes on it.


Successful entrepreneurs suggest a combination of online marketing and traditional postal mail to get the best from both. Especially the younger generation of online marketers, growing up in the internet era, is way more adapted to communicating through emails. They may have never felt the need to explore steps like getting to know the list industry, printing and distribution of postal emails.


Sending newsletters is one way to assure maximum lead generation, customer- trader bonding and cross selling tools. Newsletters, unlike brochures, reach the recipient first, rather than be lie discarded in the office mailrooms. Besides, newsletters are informative and not just advertising manuals. People read them for the success stories, information about the products and relevant news about the industry. Sending them to journalists and producers to be covered in articles is a good tool for PR.

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